Diasaster Response  2016

Find yourself short a truck driver call we can fill in for that

 Your Owners Don & Sandra Finlayson

Crane Operator - 8 Tons  2016

Don & Sandra Finlayson

Biohazard Training 2016


A, C, D, G, Z Licensed

    We have worked several different construction jobs over the years then we got  ourselves into the Residential / Property management / Superintendent  industry in 2005. Worked with some of the biggest names out there, ( MINTO Toronto & Ottawa  3300 units,   REALSTAR Toronto 718 units), &  a few others gained alot of experience, over 14 years. We are very profficient in the Tribunal and LTB, From Rentals, to Property management, to evictions we have alot of experience.

We also continue to offer property management or project management to clients. We also educate our clients on how to deal with issues to this day . We also worked in Residential, & Commercial construction & Renovations.  In late 2014  we went back into the Building & Renovation world on our own, & registered Primetime Services in 2015, and have been going strong ever since.

In the industry I have experienced, too many people cut corners to save themselves time & say they can do this & that and in reality they can't , or mislead most people,  or take customers for money and not perform the job ,and it ends up costing the homeowner more to fix the mistakes, and redo what should of been done right the first time

With us you are in good hands. WE ALWAYS DO IT RIGHT - The First Time !!

From Start to finish, we treat you like family, we give you outstanding workmanship, guidance,  and professionalism , and with honesty that far exceeds most other companies. We have built a solid reputation with a variety of different contractors, Real Estate Agents, & Homeowners here in Ottawa , and  Toronto , Canada. We continue to work with those companies and homeowners , we have built a solid  Network of different contractors we trust and use  and we work with them and we use them on our sites to this day too, to offer you savings  .

If you have a project on your mind , or  a design you need completed,  or just need a General Contractor or Project manager, or a site supervisor to oversee your project, call us today we will gladly come and give you a:  Free Estimate and see your project through from beginning to end & keep you on or below budget every time. 

We strive on Customer Satisfaction.

You can also know we have our sister company as well , D.J. Construction & Fire Restoration, We have been in business for our company here since 1991 So if you find yourself stuck with a fire or flood you didn't expect know you can get all your services under 1 roof. We offer ( D.R.T - Disaster Response Team) Pinning / shoring and more